Valuation and Consulting Services

Valuation and Consulting Services

KeyAssets provides valuation services that unite technology and equipment finance issues into quantifiable and defensible equipment valuations. We specialize in many types of wafer fabrication equipment, including photolithography, photoresist, implant, chemical mechanical planarization (CMP), metrology, inspection, probe, and automatic test.

Our valuation and advisory services have been used for capital and finance projects, mergers and acquisitions, investments, financial reporting, and residual values. We have an experienced team of appraisers, equipment traders, leasing and accounting professionals who have evaluated thousands of tools and billions of dollars’ worth of equipment.

With many years of experience in the electronics and equipment leasing industries, we will consider assignments for a single tool or a complete fab, located anywhere in the world. This is why private and publicly traded corporations choose KeyAssets over general appraisal firms when it comes to valuing their high-technology equipment.

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