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KeyAssets Difference

A Unique Combination of Skills as a Specialized Capital Equipment Asset Management Firm

KeyAssets is a comprehensive asset management company vertically aligned by industry and select equipment segments. The management team has over 60 years of combined experience, and has established its business framework and specialized financing strategy by managing valuation forecasting and reselling (trading) select equipment technology assets throughout the equipment’s lifespan. A unique combination of equipment leasing and equipment trading (buying/selling and remarketing) capabilities allows KeyAssets to quickly respond to customers’ specific capital equipment needs on a global basis.

The KeyAssets Trade Center gives equipment manufacturers and buyers the opportunity to align by specialization and to create a market in selected trading areas. Combined with the expertise of a financial company, this service is uniquely positioned to provide capital alternatives with greater flexibility and lower overall cost of ownership to its manufacturing customers. As such, KeyAssets provides a solution like no other in the semiconductor market. Ever-changing market dynamics are driving semiconductor manufacturing companies to evaluate strategies to de-risk the balance sheet. The ability to offer innovative options, delivered seamlessly by a specialized equipment partner focused on hedging technology risk, is a critical competitive advantage for KeyAssets.

Total Equipment/Financial Solution

Over the past 28 years of supporting the semiconductor industry, KeyAssets has pioneered many products that differentiate it from its competitors. Most competitors targeting the semiconductor industry are either banks or independent financing companies; both are highly regulated and unable to separate credit risk from equipment risk. This forces IDMs to retain the risk of ownership and decreases balance sheet flexibility. Other firms involved in the semiconductor industry, such as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), third-party used equipment brokers, or engineering and logistics companies, provide equipment-targeted services. However, none of the equipment companies also provide financial services in addition to equipment capabilities.

KeyAssets continues to build on its base of equipment asset knowledge to develop equipment solutions throughout the asset life-cycle, not just at the time of acquisition or disposition. Instead, KeyAssets has products and services that support the management of capital assets throughout the life-cycle, allowing IDMs to have both the flexibility and capability to react to market, product, or economic changes. The KeyAssets platform was designed to build on its Trade Center concept, which enables equipment traders to create a market in specific equipment segments providing specialized knowledge of the secondary market.

KeyAssets provides an online delivery platform to its customers with the most comprehensive, on-demand selection of equipment management solutions available on the market. The platform is designed to lower the cost of ownership for our customers’ production equipment.

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