Unlocking Equipment Value:

KeyAssets is a comprehensive asset management company specializing in the semiconductor industry, with its foundation as a financial solutions provider and equipment trading company combined into one strategic model. The KeyAssets platform was designed and developed over the last 28 years by an experienced management team with extensive knowledge of originating and managing over $5 billion in semiconductor equipment.

The KeyAssets advantage is its proprietary equipment trading process and equipment valuation methodology. These business processes allow customers to select, evaluate, price, forecast, resell, and, finally, monetize equipment purchases in the secondary equipment market. The KeyAssets business platform offers an array of financial and equipment life-cycle management products and services, including used equipment acquisition, equipment resale, and fee-based equipment services, including the remarketing of end-user owned equipment. The KeyAssets platform combines real-time equipment analytics generated from various equipment trades and KeyAssets historical trade data. This methodology enables KeyAssets to offer a comprehensive evaluation and analytical model to forecast current and future asset values.

The dynamic nature of the semiconductor industry, combined with the challenges of micro and macro-economic trends, significantly affect the business environment in which companies must manage asset- or equipment risk. To remain viable, companies must continually adapt to challenges such as: uncertain tax law, new accounting rules, and increasing government regulation. There is no more ‘business as usual.’ As a result, semiconductor industry executives face increasing challenges in the search for new tools to achieve greater capital equipment and asset flexibility. The KeyAssets program allows managers to better navigate their business technology requirements by providing responsive solutions to market changes. Through a powerful and flexible array of asset management tools, KeyAssets helps its customers significantly de-risk their balance sheets by transferring the equipment risk to KeyAssets.

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